Monday, October 8, 2012

Companion Cube Wedding Cake and Toppers

I got married last weekend, and I enjoyed every minute of the big day. My wife looked amazing, the guests all seemed to have a great time, the open bar was well utilised and there was much dancing. Oh, and there was cake. Boy was there cake. My wife and I both adore the Portal and Portal 2 video games and its silent protagonist, the humble and helpful Companion Cube. Naturally this meant that we had to have a huge Portal cake, and we did. And it was delicious. And there was so damn much of it...

It truly is beauty and the beast. I might add a handsome beast at that.

First thing's first - I only did the toppers, I didn't make the cake. After chatting with the folk at Fantasy Cakes and eating some samples of their product we were sold, and the final product didn't disappoint. Each cube was a different flavour - orange, chocolate and cinnamon apple. The icing was seriously thick, and got to 25mm (1") on the corners. We polished off what was left of it after the wedding and I am seriously pretty damn fat right about now. Good times.

Anyway this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist

At around 25kg the cake had to be carried by two people.

The cake toppers were key rings to begin with that I'd purchased online. First the chains and key rings were removed, carefully, and then both toppers received three base coats with five highlight layers. 

The dark blue Personality Core was painted with Chaos Black, Shadow Grey, Fortress Grey, Enchanted Blue and Skull White. 

The cream and pink Personality Core was painted using progressively lighter blends of Crimson Gore, Tentacle Pink and Skull White for the pink areas, and Bleached Bone and Skull White for the cream panels. 

The reflective highlights were simply spots of Skull White. They came out really well and everything took around three hours to finish. The look on my wife's face it was totally worth it. They now take pride of place on her desk, flanking her PC monitor.

Left - Straight out of the box. Right - After 1st undercoat layer.
Both after 3 undercoat layers and a little detail.
Above and below - The finished toppers. 

What remains (well, remained) of the demolished cake.